Wild ‘N Beyond Safaris takes you on not just another safari but enables the opportunity to fall in love with a truly iconic world. We show you how wilderness and passion blend in to one uniquely unforgettable experience of Africa’s natural wonders. Whether a tailor-made option or a well thought-out fixed experience with high level (private) guiding is what you are looking for, we can provide a professional adventure that will take your breath away.

Why choose Wild 'N Beyond Safaris?



Busanga Plains

Here lies a place like no other, open, wet and wild for as far as the eye can see. A true wildnerness.

Unspoiled nature

Zambia’s oldest National Park revels in solitude, with a feeling of an early explorer.

Wildlife diversity

Here lies the home to the highest number of birds and large mammal species in Zambia.

Canoe Safari

Nothing is as tranquil as a drift down the river in a sublime environment.

Zambezi River

One of Africa’s most beautiful rivers ebbs its way through a stunning panorama.

Landscape Wonders

Quite possibly one of the most beautiful parks around.

Black Rhinocerus

This amazing animal is on the brink of disaster but here they have truly fought against the odds and thriving. A special place to possibly see an ancient giant.


Often revered as one of the most remote national parks in Zambia, a real feeling of being on your own as an intrepid explorer walking the African plains

On foot

Quite possibly the finest walking area in Zambia if not Africa. Originally created purely for walking safaris the opportunity of encounters on foot with relaxed wildlife is common.

Walking safari

Here lies the home of Africa’s walking safari.

Wildlife variety

On land and in the air a spectacle of assortment roams here. A high density of wildlife abounds.

Beautiful Scenery

The vistas that surround you and the experiences to be had within are spectacular.


From adrenaline to relaxation there is a variety of adventure to be found.

Natural Wonder

To see one of the natural wonders of the world in all its thunderous glory.


A historical town filled with stories and sites that echo across the Zambezi.

Gnu Migration Liuwa NP

Zambia’s oldest conserved area of vastness and beauty. Brings the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa

Bat Migration Kasanka NP

A true gem within Zambia of birds, bats and Sitatunga off the beaten track. The straw-coloured fruit bat migration is the largest mammal migration on the planet

The Shoebill Bangwelu NP

The stunning wetlands of mist and water brings alive the prehistoric Shoebill and the herds of thousands of black lechwe

Mutinondo Wilderness

Relaxation and beauty in amongst a unique woodland type. Walking the Mutinondo, swimming in the streams a real highlight.

Luambe NP

Sandwiched between two bigger cousins, this small national park will blow you away. Low vehicle density provide a truly exclusive safari.

Lake Kariba

One of the worlds largest man-made lakes brings the African wild to the waters edge in surreal beauty.

Africa House & Hot Springs

Taking you back to a bygone era steeped in history. From beautiful surrounding waters, hot springs to the historic hundred year plus house, a plethora of culture.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Your guide is the key

A long time spent in the wonders of the natural world, exploring and learning about the splendours you encounter is important with top quality professional guiding.  We feel it enhances your safari, being with high quality people that are your interpreters of the African wild. Not just to show you the areas and inhabitants but to go further and deeper into the fantastic wonders of life in Africa.


By choosing a safari with Wild N' Beyond, you are contributing to the protection and welfare of some of the few remaining wilderness areas on the African continent. Our passion to protect, educate and sustain the ecosystems of Zambia is twinned with our choices of destinations and wildlife zones.


Local knowledge and expertise is invaluable and it is our pleasure to bring our knowledge together to enhance your safari experience. Wild N' Beyond is not just about a simple experience but by deepening the knowledge and going further than the usual safari to encompass greater exposure to walking, birding, photography and personal touch going beyond the borders of the norm.