Wild N' Beyond Safaris was founded by James Duncan-Anderson and Annekim Geerdes at the start of 2020. Together they have over 25 years of wildlife and tourism experience. Having met in Lusaka whilst working on a pangolin rehabilitation project for an NGO in Zambia, the pangolin has become the mascot of their future together and of their passion for the conservation of all wildlife in Africa. The Wild N' Beyond logo portrays a jumping leopard ('Wild') and (N') birds flying away into the horizon ('Beyond'). The leopard is their favorite animal and Zambia is the best place to see these magnificent cats, plus James is a very keen birder with a deep knowledge of bird species, calls and behaviour. James and Annekim show you the wild Africa and all that lies beyond.










James was born in South Africa very near the Kruger National Park and was immediately  immersed in the world of wildlife. Starting young with game capture and relocation of wildlife, as well as being involved in anti-poaching and rhino protection, a passion was born for all the inhabitants of Southern Africa. He obtained his qualifications to an exemplary grade in many facets of the industry.

He moved to Zambia at the end of 2009 where some family live and has acquired the highly acclaimed Zambian professional guides licences. He has thus far, had the privilege of working in all 3 of Zambia’s top National parks, each of which have fantastic camps and guides.

A love for walking safaris has brought him closer to many of the fascinating organisms that we share this continent with and an understanding and knowledge has grown with his passion. From cultural history and stories to the stars above our heads, over the years a breadth of knowledge about many different facets has grown. A love of birds, and of course the large array of wildlife, has his feet firmly rooted in Africa.

Private guiding in birding, photographic and walking safaris as well as a better understanding what the safari encompasses, we shall show you the fun and pleasures of what these wonderful trips can bring.


Annekim was born in the South of France. At the age of three the family moved to the USA and at the age of six the whole family moved back to France where they stayed for another two years. Finally, at the age of eight they made the final move to Holland.

Her parents raised her and her brother with the utmost love for animals and their adventurous outdoor holidays and weekend trips instilled a true passion for nature and conservation. It was inevitable that Annekim would study Veterinary Medicine, which she started in 2007 after a year of backpacking through Australia and Asia.

Her multicultural and adventurous upbringing had left an open-minded mark on her future visions and she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a wildlife veterinarian. In 2010 she signed up for a 6-month voluntary program in South Africa with a wildlife veterinarian in the vicinity of Kruger National Park. She fell in love with Africa and never left.

Having completed her Master's Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2014 she worked part time as a wildlife veterinarian in the Kruger area. Because of her second passion, the hospitality industry, she also worked part time as an (assistant) manager for two different safari lodges in the Greater Kruger reserves.

At the end of 2015 Annekim was approached by an NGO in Zambia to work as a veterinarian for their wildlife veterinary project. It is during these two years working with orphaned elephants, pangolins and many other wildlife species when she took part in the popular Dutch television program 'Boer Zoekt Vrouw' (Farmer Seeks Wife) but more importantly it was also the time when she first met James.

Mid 2017 Annekim decided to make a change in career and get back into the safari hospitality business allowing her to focus 100% on sharing the importance of conserving the few remaining pristine wildlife areas in Africa with international guests. Having since managed several safari camps in Zambia Annekim and James have taken a leap of faith and decided to bundle their knowledge and experience promoting Zambia to the world.

Now at the end of 2021 they both welcome a new addition to their family in the form of a lovely little girl, Maeyve. May she continue the love and passion that her parents share.