A love story with Africa and each other, a passion for wildlife and unequivocal skills coupled with their unrelenting focus to promote and conserve the natural world sealed the deal for the big move to Zambia where they both promote Zambia as an important conservation destination.

Their faith, single-minded drive, impeccable academic achievements and undeniable flair for the hospitality industry make them both the perfect home of your safari in Zambia.

In 2021, Annekim and James welcomed their first child, a lovely little girl by the name of Maeyve, giving them both all the more reason to share their love and passion for the amazing country they call home. Join them in exploring Zambia, together they hold the skills, the knowledge and the passion to create the adventure of a lifetime.




James Duncan-Anderson Wild N' Beyond


Private safari guide and story-teller, James is a consummate professional with a lifetime of knowledge and immersion in the natural world.

James was born in South Africa, and grew up near the Kruger National Park where he began exercising his passion. In his formative years, James was closely involved in conservation incentives such as game captures, anti-poaching and rhino protection programmes. After honing his skills as a volunteer and trainee in various wildlife posts, he obtained exemplary formal qualifications in all aspects of the safari trade. His knowledge not only encompasses his primary passion for wildlife and the southern African continent, James is also a modern-day narrator and advocate of the African continent. He admires and nurtures all things about Africa such as its culture, history, astronomy, ornithology, and living organisms. Since 2009, James has been living and working in Zambia, where his family, wife and child reside. He is a fully qualified professional Zambian guide, qualifications delivered by the prestigious guides association of Zambia in partnership with the Wildlife Association of Zambia (DNPW).

We invite you to join him on any of his expeditions, including the iconic photographic safaris, thrilling walking safaris and discerning birding adventures in any of the 3 astonishing Zambian National Parks where he has the privilege to operate alongside highly rated safari outfits.

Annekim Geerdes Wild N' Beyond


Annekim was already a world-traveller by the age of 8 with three countries to call ''home''in as many years. From her early childhood spent in the gentle south of France, to the big sky country of the USA and finally the homeland of Holland, Annekim is as adventurous as she is multi-cultural.

She is a passionate conservationist and animal welfare advocate. In 2007, whilst still a girl, she aspired to obtain a veterinary Medicine degree and after some more travels in the Australian and Asian continents, she finally set her goals to becoming a wildlife veterinarian.

By 2014, with her Master's in veterinary medicine in her pocket, serendipity brought her youthful visions to life, from her childhood outdoor adventures, dreams and passions, instilled largely by her loving parents and sibling, she signed up for a 6 months voluntary programme in South Africa. The programme took her to the Kruger National Park, where she was welcomed as a part-time wildlife veterinarian. During this time, she also gained experience as an assistant manager for two different safari lodges in the greater Kruger reserves.

Having completed her Master's Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2014 she worked part time as a wildlife veterinarian in the Kruger area. Because of her second passion, the hospitality industry, she also worked part time as an (assistant) manager for two different safari lodges in the Greater Kruger reserves.

At the end of 2015 Annekim was approached by an NGO in Zambia to join as a veterinarian for their wildlife veterinary project. It is during these two years working with orphaned elephants, pangolins and many other wildlife species that she took part in the popular Dutch television program 'Boer Zoekt Vrouw' (Farmer Seeks Wife). More importantly, this was also the time when she first met James.

Annekim's impeccable journey to achieve her dreams also brought her closer to where she is able to excel in every aspect of her vast competencies in veterinary medicine, hospitality and wildlife conservation.