Our trip with James was supposed to be a dream trip, but it turned out to be more than we could ever have imagined. We can really only speak in superlatives. Zambia is a beautiful country and the diversity of mammals and birds is unprecedented for us. As far as we are concerned, James is an excellent guide. Thanks to James we learned so much about wild life and the circle of life. His enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge about the behavior of the animals allowed us to spot many more predators. We couldn't have asked for more than we got from this trip and the beautiful camps. We were spoiled by the staff and the meals, pastries and snacks were excellent. We would recommend James to everyone who wants to have an unforgettable experience. Wild N' BEYOND is exactly what you get!

Ronald & Ingrid - Netherlands

The proposed itinerary of the trip was perfect and we suffered just enough to get the Wild N' Beyond feeling we had craved for. The highlight was the three days we spent with James in South Luangwa near Mfuwe. Hunting lions, leopards, sundowners, walking safaris and countless tales of how nature in Africa is the circle of life. Apart from stars, flora, running, walking, crawling and swimming creatures James is also an expert in flying characters. This was especially much appreciated by the bird loving member of the family. Thank you, James and Annekim, for all your care and good advice before and during the trip that made it unforgettable for us!

Ingeborg, Sijbrand, Maartje, Niels, Olivier, Merel & Friso - Netherlands

If you are planning a trip to Africa, your trip will be greatly enhanced if you enlist James for your guide. After many trips to Africa, we were fortunate to have James as our guide in Zambia. James is by far the best guide we have had. . . hands down. No other guide has come close to his talents. James’ ability to spot wildlife is uncanny. He is not only a font of knowledge on animals, but also birds, plants, insects, etc., etc.. You will also find it difficult to match his enthusiasm and congeniality. James will make your trip a huge success. He did ours.

Dave & Carolyn - USA

We had an unforgettable experience in Zambia on a road trip put together by Annekim and the safaris were private guided by James. After visiting Livingstone with its marvelous Victoria Falls and seeing Rhinoceros on walking safari, we drove to South Luangwa in well equipped 4x4. James’ depth of knowledge, deep passion and love for nature and wildlife enriched our experience beyond belief. This safari opened up all our senses; James taught us how to use our eyes, smell, and ears to track animals. He was brilliant in spotting an enormous variety of animals - big and small - during our walking and (day and night) driving safaris. South Luangwa deserves its reputation for wildlife density. In 5 days, we saw all the highlights - lions, leopards, countless elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hyenas and even African Wild Dog ambushing and killing an impala. Plus countless other exciting sightings - genets, civets, mongooses, a Python and a black mamba! And even counted 92 different birds on a morning birding! James’ stories about animal social behavior, ecosystem conservation and even star constellations were incredibly enriching! James is a humble and social person who also engaged our teenage boys really well. Thank you James and Annekim for your hospitality and sharing your deep expertise and passion with us. Simply amazing!

Herbert, Marieke, Julius & Felix - Netherlands

Because we are fairly new to Zambia, we asked Annekim and James from Wild N' Beyond Safaris to help plan a trip for us, using their excellent personal network to find out what was possible during the Covid-19 period and negotiate a good deal for us. Annekim put together a great trip for us at owner-run camps, like Tafika and Flatdogs, in different sections of South Luangwa National Park. We decided to bring James along as our private guide so we could enjoy a care-free holiday in this spectacular region of Zambia. Having James with us was such a pleasure. He is a genuinely nice person with an encyclopedic knowledge of flora and fauna in southern Africa and his added value was revealed especially during our many walking safaris. Whether he is tracking big cats, identifying birds or explaining pollination of specific plants and trees, James is always engaged and passionate about his work. We have been fortunate to ride with many safari guides in Southern and East Africa and James ranks among the best. He is a super pro: never late, always prepared, and a gracious host. Moreover, he handles a 4x4 vehicle with ease and we felt very well cared for during the entire trip. We recommend Annekim and James from Wild N' Beyond without hesitation. Their personal, hands-on and knowledgeable approach will deliver the best experience for any type of traveler in Zambia.

Bart & Ilse - Netherlands

Our guide, James, is the most professional guide we have had during all of our safaris in Africa. Having stayed at some great places widely praised for expert, world class guiding, like the Serian camps in the Masai Mara, that really says a lot. Vehicle, walking and night safaris were all amazing. There are a bit less animals down here compared to the central and northern sectors of the park, which we also visited, but having them all to yourself makes it so much more enjoyable. Especially when James during an afternoon drive heard baboon alarm calls, set out to investigate it and found a big male leopard! That was the best piece of safari guiding I have ever come across!

Simen and Kaltun - Norway

The guide, James, was extremely knowledgeable and showed exceptional ethics around wildlife; doing his best to not disturb them or alter their behavior.

Thomas - USA

The guide, James, stood out even amongst the other very good guides we had in locations across Zambia. He made both the walking safaris and the game drives utterly fascinating AND he achieved exceptional leopard sightings.

Les - UK

Our game guide, James was incredibly knowledgeable about absolutely everything. He not only shared info about the flora and fauna, but also told stories and legends about the animals in the bush- it was great! One night, he had us all hop out of the jeep, brought up an app on his iPad and proceeded to show us the Southern Cross and other constellations and tell stories about how the constellations got their names. Incredible. Our spotter Patrick was personable, had a great sense of humor and was excellent at finding animals. What a team he and James made! One night, when we were just starting sundowners, we heard a leopard not too far away... James and Patrick gave us the option to continue sundowners or drink up quick, get in the Land Rover and find the leopard- we all chose leopard and Patrick had everything packed up within a minute so we could be on our way!

Guest - USA

I have to say that James is one of the finest guides I've ever had despite already having been on no less than seventeen safaris in so many African countries. I was still amazed by his knowledge, ability to find things and courtesy. On one morning drive he managed to find more than five new species of birds. He also spotted a column of army ants returning from attacking a termite mound and I must say that I was truly amazed by all this.

Owen - USA

Our guide, James, was unbelievable. We have had many guides in our visits to Africa, but none could compare to James. He was so knowledgeable in all areas of flora, fauna, and history, and he had so many interesting stories to tell about all.


We had James as our guide and I don't think we have ever had someone who was so knowledgeable. Our first morning we went looking for the lion we had heard in the night and found a mating lion and lioness ("the impala told me where they were'). Our walks, drives and boat trips were really interesting and we learnt so much.

Guest - UK

The guide I had, James, is the best guide I ever had, and I am sure I will never have a better one. James has a wealth of information and is extremely knowledgeable on the park(s) and it's wildlife. He really enjoys to be out there in the bush and is extremely good in tracking and spotting wildlife, using ears, eyes, and smell. He is also in for a good laugh. (James, many many thanks).

Niek - Netherlands

We recently had the privilege of being guided by James whilst staying with Classic Zambia Safaris at their Musekese Camp. We use the word privilege because it really was. The level of knowledge that James had of the ecosystem, through to animal behaviour and even mythology transformed our safari into a spellbinding experience. We have been on many safaris with many guides but James made this one extraordinary. Thank you James, we hope very much that we will be able to get out with you again in the years ahead.

Sue & Dave - UK

We visited Zambia (Potato Bush Camp) for our first safari in May 2023. Being new to safari, we didn’t know what to expect. Our guide, James Duncan-Anderson, proved to be an extremely knowledgeable and personable friend to everyone in our group as he took us out on game drives, walking tours, and canoe trips. His breadth of knowledge about animals, birds, insects, and the environment is impressive and he possesses the ability to communicate information in a clear and understandable manner. James made sure that we saw everything we wanted to see, which was an impressive feat. We have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who visits Zambia. No matter what happens, you’ll be in safe hands.

The Redmond Family - Ireland

James is taking "top level guiding" to another dimension. As an experienced safari couple we took the trip to South Luangwa twice (and that is not exactly round the corner) to spend another day with him. Spending time with James leads to a deeper understanding of nature, wildlife and the relationship there are. The walking safari was one of the top 5 days in my life! It is not only wildlife viewing ... you get connected.

Margret - Germany